No Longer in Fear

I think my greatest fear would have been living a life I knew was not mine. If I would have continued to live life hiding behind food, shopping, and abuse I would still be miserable. I would no longer be… Continue Reading

How I get in the mood to be productive

What’s being productive? I really need more structure in my life, but at the same time structure gives me anxiety. If I have routine that’s fine but I like to switch things around so I don’t feel like I’m a slave… Continue Reading

A Day In The Life With… toMEi !

A Day In The Life With Tomei   That is the name of my brand ! I’m too geeked to share with you guys what I do. As mentioned before I have a background in IT. For the past ten… Continue Reading

Nay Sayers

I’m starting to feel like what’s for me is not for me. Ever had that thought well maybe if I would have just kept it to myself I would have gotten further with it. Maybe I got too excited. Maybe… Continue Reading

Views from Depression

I thought I’d make a public journal entry today. If you know me you know I’m very transparent and loved to be understand (Disclaimer – For every story I tell there is always five backstories hence why it may seem… Continue Reading