I was a guest on a podcast !

All Things Beauty Podcast Last year I had the pleasure of being a guest on All things beauty podcast where I talked about how to start being a blogger.   Listen to the playback here: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-sphere-2/all-things-beauty/e/52175728?autoplay=true   All Things Beauty:… Continue Reading

How To… Delete Apps From iPhone or iPad

Hi Lifers, A few things that give me anxiety and one is scrolling through a friends phone and seeing a bunch of badges, or their phone not being organized. I mean apps are all over the place. The Starbucks app… Continue Reading

New Watch Who Dis

I got a new Apple Watch ! I purchased the latest watch by Appl ; the Apple Watch Series 2. Branded as, “The most advanced Apple Watch yet. The watch is loaded with features like built-in GPS, water resistance up… Continue Reading

Have you updated to iOS 9.3

I was shocked when AT&T sent me a text message to update my iPhone  to the latest Apple Operating System. I’m usually more aware that an software update is coming because I will have 15 updates at one time versus… Continue Reading

I see you Apple

 Yesterday I went into the Apple Store for something and realized Apple now offers their own trade in program. The first iPhone was introduced on June 29. 2007. They were also exclusive to AT&T for awhile and then other carriers… Continue Reading