Back away from the Pedestal

Today I would like to write a post about putting a person on a pedestal. I don’t want to contradict myself there are times where admiring a person and looking up to them is very beneficial, but that is not… Continue Reading

Healthy Jealousy? What’s that?

​​ Can jealousy in your relationship be beneficial? Can jealousy be healthy in a relationship? My first response will be no because ain’t nobody got time for that ! I’m sticking to that response because I need to know why… Continue Reading

Minority Trailblazers Podcast Live Recap

Minority Trailblazers Podcast Live Before I even start big shout out to Spark + Beam for trailblazing this event and just allowing me the opportunity to help. Secondly, Greg is such a Genuine and Smart Person. I’m honored I got… Continue Reading

Celebration List | Episode 8

I look forward to Friday’s… because I get a break from “The Bold” If you follow me on Snapchat then you would hear my rants about my job cuz they don’t play. I don’t need anyone coming to tell me… Continue Reading

Celebration List Episode Six

This week I’m just so happy that I made it through the week. For me this week was mentally draining because it has been one year since I lost one of my family members I was the closet too… My… Continue Reading

I miss you 

Dear Granny, This week has been hard because I have been able to look back on pictures and remember the outfit that I had on the last day I spoke with you I remember what I was doing the last… Continue Reading

Celebration List | Episode 5

Celebration List | Episode 5 I’m keeping it so light this week, I’m enjoying life cuz that deposit hit, it’s summer time and there are a lot of sales going on! Plus my allergies have seized after having a flare… Continue Reading

Celebration List | Episode 2

Celebration List | Episode 2 I’m a sensitive person so sometimes it’s easy for me to get and stay in my feelings, but this week it was easier to put my feelings to the side and just relax. Things could… Continue Reading

Celebration List

Hi Lifers, As usual thank you so much for checking out my blog. You are probably here because I told you stop by to read more about why I write down a list of items I’m grateful for every week… Continue Reading

Not so Anniversary, but a time to reflect on where I’m going.

March 9th marked a huge milestone for me. You know why? Because I could have been fired for several different reasons. Working a full-time is my main source of income. I’ve only been blogging since October 2015.  Let me tell you… Continue Reading