Celebration List | Episode 27

Happy First Friday of the new year! This week has been nothing but setting the tone for the type of months I’m gonna have which is gonna lead to another great year! Here is the list of the things I’m grateful for.

1. Agape love

2. I’m always grateful for your support with all my adventures with becoming a media maven

3. That my eyebrows are healed they look so good @lukx_brows

4. I’m grateful for things that may not work out because it always comes full circle and I always get a really good lesson from it (patience)

5. For being chubby but not ugly 🗣u can’t be boaf!

6. People who keep me feeling glam @roger_thenailartist @pluckedandmore and @tattednpierced




What you grateful for ? To catch up on all my 2017 Celebration List go here: http://bit.ly/CelebrationList

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