Besfran Movement

Besfran Movement


Hey, what’s up lifer family I just want to let you know I’m working on a new project called The Besfran Movement over on my Instagram. Miriam and I teaming up in front of the camera together to talk about how long we have been friends and what it takes to be a good friend. Being a good friend does not require bashing one another, shading one another or thousands of backhanded comments. We are not friends just because we bond over misery, but that does not mean a healthy one can develop with the guidance of Miriam and I. Lets break the silence and encourage one another to level up. Let’s laugh cry, and pat out weaves. Sisterhood here we come: Check out the promo here:


Why did I curate Besfran Movement… Well, to be honest, it came from a place of emptiness. I wasn’t close with my mom. Most relationships I had with other women weren’t genuine they always ended with it coming out that they were jealous of me. I’m not trying to make myself out to be more because believe me I thought that myself but each scenario turned out to be similar even when it came down to it being my own family. It’s very hurtful and discouraging and at times I’m sure  I have been a shitty friend. I’m pretty some salty bitches are watching me like well you used to talk and bout so and so. But the difference is I’m mature to admit why and when. You can either love me or leave me but you won’t forget me. Will that stop me… Hell nah.

So anyway I was a wreck and emotional wreck for a long time. While I say I still need help I know I always have my best friend. At times I dump on her and that is not fair. So I started a note with her to apologize. Then that snowballed into the idea of a blog post ( hence why I’m writing ) or maybe even a podcast. Keep in mind she (besfran) can see all my notes spill out of my brain and onto this note at 5 AM in the morning.  I was completely okay with that because she always seems to understand me even when I don’t think I’m making sense. It’s like we are always in sync and know when something is off. Even when we can’t admit it eventually comes out.

At times I know I may lack qualities that women may have if they had sisters or cousins close in age, but that’s okay if we all considering learning and working on growing in that department. With that being said I’d like to encourage us all to be better sistahs with the Besfran Movement.





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