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A few things I learned from this event is to be aware of my schedule. The days I work or attend events and factor in my editing schedule. Also, I need more clarity on my roles. I was invited to the Dress Houston event as media. I assumed a designated section for us Media Personality. They went out of their way to give us special passes. Please read on to see how my night panned out. They stressed the importance of being on time and I had an event filled weekend starting on Friday Arts Beats + Lyrcis ( read more here: http://adayinthelifewithtomei.com/2018/01/01/jack-honey-arts-beats-lyrics/ ) . Earlier that Sunday we attended No Taps On My Maps, ate and had a mini Sunday Funday. That by the time the evening came I was very tired and I knew I had to be on time. Here is more information on that event: http://adayinthelifewithtomei.com/2018/01/01/no-taps-maps-tap-mini-review/  ) hung out and ate.


Mister steal your grandma

I guess… so back to the event so upon arriving at the event there was a cocktail hour the cocktail hour was supposed to be an hour well the cocktail hour turned into 2+ hours it wasn’t so bad at first because while at the bar I had really good conversations with people and hope I made solid connections. I also ran into my girl Totally Randie who stays dropping knowledge me including how to order a drink for a man. She says if your out with a man order him a Manhattan. I then helped her carry drinks over to awesome author Demez F. White ( check out the interview here: http://adayinthelifewithtomei.com/2017/12/31/an-evening-with-demez/) Then she went on to introduce me to an amazing Radio Personality from Majic 102, but sadly I can’t remember his name.

The event was so packed there a vendor selling dresses fit is Luba time purses jewelry for bender’s you name it it was also a full bar downstairs and a full bar upstairs and a DJ downstairs as well. The show, of course, didn’t start on time so people started getting restless and started making them were upstairs because the wasn’t any official announcement that they were kind of game to come get media. From brief experience as a media personality, Evelyn off saying there’s a designated area for media is located.


They went so far to give us the special press passes and then by the time the show started I didn’t even matter there were so many people as “media” that there was no time for me to actually interview someone they just thought I was there to take pictures my other issue was that it was so crowded I could be the most they let her take pictures if I was really there to take pictures that was strike to but let me tell you about strike three member had mentioned that they didn’t tell us when they were going to let media upstairs well it was jampacked up there and there was no way for us to get to the seats or get back down the stairs that was this rude ass lady and excuse my French but a rude ass lady who was trying to make us all go back And I flip I say ma’am we heard you the first time but John Michael pay for every one of us if we fall down the stairs can you please please be patient it was this lady with a big all Tupperware look like she was doing hair and make up for the fashion show and she needed help going down the stairs with her equipment it was just so much chaos and pandemonium and I was over that’s how old the whole thing when the show started I sat there with the added so for at least the first 15 minutes of the show until they came out with fire and a belly dancer I say that’s OK as I looked over at my best friend who was really enjoying herself at the moment the clothes were nice the artist was nice the entertainment of the head in between segment was nice overall they hire tire thing was nice I had a problem with them not being forthcoming about my place as media and I’m starting on time I wouldn’t say and made up for but the show was really really nice to take a look at some videos and pictures below.


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Attended Event on November 12, 2017



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