An Evening With Demez

Let me just start off by saying Totally Randie is awesome so glad that I got the chance to meet you. I love your personality and see you on the rise I hope for the chance to work with you soon. Now take it back to May 12, 2012, I was attending the University of Houston downtown. I’m really cool with this girl name Sa’de and she has a lot of connections that she knows a lot of people we were cool we hung out quite often we have the same circle of friends what day she invited me to Guadalajara was, by the way, has the best crab enchiladas in Houston . We went to the location downtown. This particular night we were out for a girls night we went to a book signing for Author Demez White. Check out this picture I dug up from 2012.

He was hosting a book signing for his book Walking Down the Aisle. Now I’m not a reader but it’s something about meeting a person behind the book and actually interacting with and all of his words. Fast forward to now to his new release Learning to Enjoy.


Check out my signed below was so special about it is that he was member me he even complimented me on my perfume or maybe a compliment him on his cologne, either way, we made a connection that I will cherish I’ve been his friend on Facebook ever since. He’s a really good person to follow because he’s really creative when it comes to dating and romance. I feel like I’m getting a little sappy but is talking about true love I just give me hope that one day I’ll be able to experience that kind of happiness.

Let’s get into this event.  The scene was really cozy. The people were already kind of settled in.  We weren’t late but we weren’t early either. The drinks were good and the DJ was smooth. I love the host she had good energy. Demez went on to read from his book and tie that into a Q and A from a few people from the audience. I like how he had a single lade, an engaged couple, and a married couple. The event went smooth and was very organized. We ware able to purchase merchandise and I also linked it below. I also was able to interview him check that out here: 

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