Book It ! October Favorites 2017

Hello Lifers,


October flew by so fast and I cannot believe there are only two months left in this year. I know this year end is going to lead to better things in 2018. October brought over a few cooler days which allowed me to wear my natural hair straight. It has lasted over a month. Matter of fact I’ll be back on Tuesday and with inches. Also, I have been rather lazy when it comes to wearing makeup so I’ve been wearing has been on the natural side. Also, I really really love the Lancôme foundation it is very natural looking yet buildable. Very nice. One of the last steps of my makeup routine is locking in my brows with this Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel. I have tried cheaper ones but they just didn’t hold the hairs in place like this one. Good thing Ulta was having a sale. (Check out what I purchased in this week’s haul going up Wednesday)

In order to keep the foundation looking good, I keep my skin looking better by using the following products.

I really enjoy using the IT cosmetics Micellar Cleansing Water it works well and best of all it has Anti-Aging benefits. I have been obsessed. It’s good on false lashes as well which by the way I have been loving.  In my skin care routine, the last step is my lip balm I live for a good one especially this Dior one. I also love the Michael Todd Toner, I can do without the burning but I can feel my skin getter tighter as it dries. It’s some good stuff. I saw this used years ago by my one of my favorite YouTubers and she still uses his products. I can see why. The Ulta facial wipes are amazing. They really get the face mask off with just a few wipes. More gentle than a washcloth but gets more product off with fewer rinses with your hand.

Body Care is really important to me. I have made small changes that include all natural products like my Tampons, Liners, Soap, Lotions, yes, my deodorant. Here are a few that I can only get from the local bodega shop on Almeda. I also dab my pits with Tea Tree Oil. I really like this one from Amazon. The one from Tea Tree Hut is overpriced for the amount you get. I also like this hand mask I picked up from Ulta it is amazing. It really brought the moisture back to my hands after washing all 900 of makeup brushes with castile soap. It was a pain. I vow to never let it get that bad again.

One of the best decisions I made in October was to convert my old iPhone to a work phone and add unlimited data to both my iPhone. Now my 3 year can stay entertained when he gets cranky and I can really post a selfie on SnapChat, while updating my twitter on the other phone. All while staying juiced up with the Belkin Charger pack I picked up on a whim at Fry’s Electronics. The power went out twice in October once for a storm that came out of nowhere and secondly a transformer that just fried up. It was weird you can see more of that on vlog 20 or 21. I’m not really sure but just check out both.

My favorite beverages this month are the Schweppes Sparking Water because I’m trying to drink less soda and more water. This Roscato is hitting! Found it at Target along with the best popcorn I ever tasted. It can only be found at Target and its limited check it out here: If you’re into Lobster rolls head over to Mainely Sandwiches it is amazing and fresh.



My favorite Album is Chris Brown’s Lost and Found Album it has 45 songs and the docus-tory on Netflix is amazing as well. Outstanding Chris I never stopped being a fan. Also, I have been liking Erva Carter’s Euphoria which has a visual dropping soon!


Lastly, my favorite app is IFTTT this app has everything like time tracking based on locating. Automatically updating your twitter when you upload a Facebook status, or reminder to drink water. How about knowing when there is a recall on food or when the President signs a new bill into order. Check it out soon.


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