What did I learn during the HAAB 30 Day Challenge

It is now clear that I have a pattern in life. I show up late, work hard, and stay late. If it feels like work I procrastinate or don’t do it all. Those are some bad habits I am going to try and break in 2017. I only did half of the challenge I wish have could have done more, they were great topics like what Is my pet peeve? Well Simply stated being misunderstood. I go out my way to give the respect that I should get it back by default. I loved the topic about my favorite things. I do that monthly on my YouTube channel. Here is the latest one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKnn3DxDY7k . The new one will be up next week. I hope you check back for that. I do get my inspiration from other bloggers and I think we are all doing our thing out here so keep up the good work! I think people wouldn’t believe I’m from a small family and I’m the only child… I want to work with a lot of people in this Industry. I’m sure I will soon. I also face failure with positivity once I acknowledge the problem it’s dead and it no longer has power.


I basically answered all the previous post with this post. I enjoyed it and it taught me to take one task at a time. I don’t need to over complicate things break them down into the smaller task. So, I can have a productive fourth quarter and start off 2018 with a bang there are only two more months left in 2017.


I hope you learned a few things about me and come back soon.





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