Where the passion lies

What is my greatest passion?

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to help people. When I was younger I remember wanting to read to the class I knew how to change my voice then to keep the crowd (my classmates) entertained. Before then my mom would always have to check my friends’ backpacks before they left because I would give them toys. I knew I was fortunate because I was the only child and wanted them to come back and play with me. I knew their parents had other priorities then to buy them the toys I had, I just wanted them to be happy like me and I didn’t want to be lonely either.

I’ve always been the fun friend. A party ain’t a party if I’m not there. A conversation ain’t a wild one if I aint there. I bring life and energy wherever I go and I can see that in my son as well. We are happy when others around us are happy. That brings a smile to my face and I feel a warm feeling in my heart. Sometimes I’m too hype and in the moment I get chills all over my body.

I know that I am working towards leaving an impact on the people whose paths I cross. I would like it to be deeper than just a laugh but I will start there. I know by teaching a woman how to look beautiful on the inside with one of my makeup tutorials’. I can also send a message to make her feel good on the inside by sharing my emotional, fun, and crazy journey on how I became “A Day in The Life with Tomei “ all by being myself. That is my passion to be able to wake up every day and make someone happy. Makeup them remember the moments that make them who they are instead of being ashamed. Everyone wants to live in their truth.

Be the best you,



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