The Best Holiday Is….

My favorite holiday is …


I love when it starts to get cooler outside. It makes me think about snuggling with my loved ones inside. It usually starts around Halloween. The air is crisp and cool. People seem to start being nice I start to see people change the inside and outside décor to scarecrows and pumpkins. I just love it. The same décor can stay up for Thanksgiving I know I would make small changes with my nick knacks around the house. Change the flowers to faux fall flowers and leaves. OOOh I’m getting so excited I can’t wait. People cook big meals that I eat on for two days. Holidays are the only times I eat leftovers. My mom makes this wonderful dressing I’m getting hungry just typing about the delicious meal. My in-laws come in from all parts of town and states and it’s so much fun like a party that goes on for days!


Now it’s time for Christmas! I really enjoy this time of year. I jam Christmas music from Thanksgiving until new years. I over decorate the house and come up with new themes for my Tree each year. This year I may let TJ choose. Getting an artificial tree was the smartest thing I did two years ago. I do miss the pine smell but they have candles for that. I love to drink Hot Apple Cider and baking cookies and turning on the faux fireplace. I turn on my favorite movies which are, “The Santa Claus, Home Alone, This Christmas, Best Man Holiday, The Perfect Holiday, and the list goes on and on. Christmas is such a timeless time and is a moment we experience in time that stays with us forever. I can’t wait to for Christmas to arrive as I continue to make traditions in my own home. I love getting in the car with Hot Cocoa and riding through neighborhoods to see the different light decorations they put up.


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