No Longer in Fear

I think my greatest fear would have been living a life I knew was not mine. If I would have continued to live life hiding behind food, shopping, and abuse I would still be miserable. I would no longer be able to see the good in people. No longer able to have fun. No longer able to “cope” with what was going on around me. I wasn’t living. I was on the verge of a major breakdown due to small ones I had along the way. It was time to stop giving in and start standing up for what I knew what was the best life I could live.

How can I smile on camera and in my selfies knowing that the person everyone was seeing was depressed and miserable? I was living a lie. It would have been awful for my followers to find out I wasn’t being honest. How can I give out positive affirmations if I didn’t truly believe them? I had to dig deep or risk losing my dearest friend after losing my grandmother.

I need to be the best Tomei I can be so that I can be the best mom I can be to my son. It would hurt so much knowing that I was not living my best life but told him he had to do so I would be the biggest hypocrite and disappointment to him and that would have been my biggest fear.

Now that I have conquered the fear of giving myself the best nothing can stop me now. I’m on my path to success and if anyone asked I believe I’m successful now. Doing what I want to do, living in my truth and waking up happy. Being truly happy and being there in the right mind frame for my son.

I am Fearless,


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