My Market

I’m still on the search for my target market, but based on my Instagram Analytics I have gained 18 new followers in the past seven days. That brings me to a total number of 1,467. My followers consist of 35n% men and 65% women. I have followers between the ages of 13 all the way to 65 years old. The men ages for my most followers are between the age of 25 and 34. For women, I have the most followers between the age of 25 and 35 followed by 18 to 24 and then right behind is 35-44. I’m amazed that I have followers in New York, Houston and more specifically North Houston. I have followers in Canada and in the UK. It seems like my best days are Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, but all my post seems to get great performance. I like to post Sunday through Saturday.

Right now, I have a series called the In-Bloom Series on my Instagram. This series is about my journey to my best self. I talk about what I have been through, what made me weak, stronger, happy, sad, and why I’m so unapologetic. The series is still going on but currently has about 1500 views collectively and 4, 883 impressions. The videos where I’m showing the most emotion crying got me the most views. That tells me that my audience empathizes with me. I have gotten so much positive feedback I don’t know what to do. It keeps me inspired to keep pushing through and that I’m helping someone.

I have a goal of making one good positive connection. I can only share my store in my own voice and hope that it catches on. It so many people doing the same thing, but I’m doing it like me. I am unique and I know that now. Please take the time to follow me on Instagram. My page is showing on the right side of this post.


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