How I get in the mood to be productive

What’s being productive? I really need more structure in my life, but at the same time structure gives me anxiety. If I have routine that’s fine but I like to switch things around so I don’t feel like I’m a slave to what has to be done. I have something that needs to be posted every day on my Instagram. That is my biggest platform and where I get the most engagement. That is seven days a week I have to come up with something excited so how do I do stay so disciplined? I don’t. I’m a binge person. I devote a block of time to project a, b, c, or d; it just depends on what is on my schedule. I literally live by my schedule.


To help with my anxiety I roll on my lavender oil, focus oil, and anxiety oil. I put some lemongrass in my diffuser. I turn on some ratchet music and have a form of caffeine in my system. I try to minimize my distractions by putting my phone on the other side of the room. My 3-year-old requires a lot of attention so I try to work when he is at school. I’m not really a late night person, but I will get up early and try to get a bulk of my task complete.


In conclusion, I say to get ready for your task come relax and focused. Try to do an outline beforehand so you don’t waste time brainstorming in your “work hours”. Drink some caffeine, turn on your diffuser and remove all distractions from you work area. I work better alone because I’m just used to it. I like to listen to music that have a live band sound or strings and relaxing melodies. Again it just depends on my mood.


Stay Focused,




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