Why do I blog ?

I blog because I’m exercising my right to say what I want. It’s on a platform I own. I can talk about my day, who ugly, or if they had on is ugly. I can write an open letter to my grandmother on the anniversary of her death. No matter what I write I’m happy because I am living in my truth. Unapologetically. Just last year I was not consistent, but something ignited in my now every Monday I post something on my blog. I like to blog because I don’t have to speak properly I can speak in my own tone. People take to that and it makes me want to keep typing away. Their support keeps me motivated when I don’t have anything else in life to write about.


Two weeks ago I was able to post my comments about the MTV Hip Hop Honors check that out here: http://adayinthelifewithtomei.com/2017/09/22/hip-hop-honors/ .


I also was able to write about the Creative Canvas that stopped by Houston last week. Catch up on my recap here: http://adayinthelifewithtomei.com/2017/09/25/book-event-recap-creative-canvas-tour/.


I look at my blog as a hub for all things Tomei. I’m all over the place because I do a lot in a day. If my subbies want to know what I am up to just log on to adayinthelifewithtomei.com. I guarantee an I post every week.


I hope you continue to stop by,


A day in the life with Tomei


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