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Big thanks to the Team over at The Creative Canvas Tour. I am humbled to be on their radar. I have to admit I had no clue what the organization was about before they reached out to me, so I immediately checked out their Instagram and I liked what I saw. I also like the professionalism they displayed when reaching out to me for media coverage, they gave me more than enough notice to put the event on my schedule.


I arrived to the event and I hear my favorite kind of music… RATCHET ! Before I received my media pass I had a that’s so Raven moment of me twerking in the middle of the floor (blank stare and all). I had to keep focus, I was there to work! When I walked in the main gallery area, I saw it was a nice size crowd. The people were friendly and the artist were incredibly dope. I purchased about three pieces of art myself. Even though I’m in between funds, I just had to support. These artist are living their dream and taking the time to shine in this moment.


Further into the event the DJ and Hype man (who was also on the keys) started making love to my ears with live music (MY FAV). I just loved it, I was sold. I had been invited to a lot of events recently, but this by far was THE BEST. It was real and natural, and flowed very well. The ambiance was everything and ya girl even had some wine ($8 per cup, tried it!) but still very good.  There were all forms of art in the building from artist of all backgrounds and ages.  The moment came for us to learn more about a few of the artist. ( Check out my Insta story and Snapchat before it disappears. ) If you didn’t make it watch the recap here:



The Venue was only 11 minutes from my house (on dat nawf!), and can I just say, the space was incredible! People still sleep on us after last night’s event I don’t see how. I cannot wait to come back in February. I got to speak with each artist and actually touch the art and drink wine and loosen up. The vibe in the building was awesome. I didn’t even realize two and a half hours had gone by.  Was indeed a great experience, so happy I get to share with you guys!


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The Creative Canvas Cr8tive Canvas will be back next year and I cannot wait. Until Then please check out local Houston Artist on Instagram:

Here are some photos from the Event:


We kick off the tour in the amazing city of Houston, TX featuring:


Remaining Cities:
Washington, DC
Miami, FL
Richmond, VA


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