Beyonce is home | Part II

I was up early this morning lurking on everyone’s Instagram who encountered the Queen and her mom yesterday. She made time to even stop by Frenchy’s. The queen arrived yesterday read more here:


Representing that Trae ! Okay Miss Third Ward

You can spot Destiny’s Child Member Michelle

Ms Tina

Speak Bey

St. John’s

Pastor Rudy n Bey

Behind the scenes of Frenchy’s

Michelle, Bey, Tina

Fan Photo

Tina n Bey at Frenchy’s

Bey Travels

Trae n Bey


Photo Bomb

Y’all are my family said Beyonce at St. Johns Church downtown yesterday.

Girl you better hurry they gone leave you !

Hey Michelle !

I always see Julius I wonder how much he worth…

Fake Smile

Oh yeah and Janet was here too

Stay Strong Houston


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