Healthy Jealousy? What’s that?

Can jealousy in your relationship be beneficial? Can jealousy be healthy in a relationship? My first response will be no because ain’t nobody got time for that ! I’m sticking to that response because I need to know why you are jealous of me. I need to know what triggered that emotion towards me. We are obviously out of sync with each other which is a problem within itself. Next *in my sza voice * why you not talking to me? What you hiding? I’m sure if we dug deeper we might find a few insecurities connected to the jealousy. From experience I’ve seen insecurities roll over into resentment. I feel like being jealous of your partner may prevent you from giving them the best of you…honesty. Being honest with even just yourself can be hard but you have to start somewhere. It’s time to use that tool box and mirror God gave you. You cannot expect someone to think as you do. We all think differently and that’s the beauty of it. It’s time to communicate to find out where it’s coming from. You would probably be surprised at how much you could overcome. Sometimes it’s not about you solely but who you could help as a whole. Express yourself no matter how selfish and childish you may sound.  Maybe the root of jealousy isn’t healthy but a healthier relationship and bond can grow from it. Take it from me when I say I wish someone would have done that with me sooner than later.
Use your voice,



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