Power Meet and Greet Recap

AT&T The Bridge Power

Pre Event

On July 21st I received an email from the HAAB Organizer Verneeta for a private meet and greet with some of the cast members of Power. The TV show POWER! I was so glad to have push notifications turned on it’s usually pretty boring emails I get about adult stuff.  Without even fully reading the requirements I replied “#BOOKIT!” in the form of a very quickly drafted professional, which probably included all kind of spelling errors, grammar errors, error errors on errors on errors. I was excited **Blank Stare**.

So what do you do when you get invited to an exclusive meet and greet with the cast of one of the hottest TV shows out right now you ask? Carefully plan out our days accordingly so that you know when the actual event is (keep reading for context)?No, no, no, NOOO…We shop, that’s what we do sis, duh. So I headed over to Zara and purchased an outfit I realized on Wednesday I didn’t really like that much. I double checked my calendar for events I needed to attend that week and in my favor I realized the Power Event was on Saturday July 29th not Thursday the 27th like I originally thought (see what I mean, “PRIORITIES TOMEI”, God still working on me, I was cute tho),   so that Friday I headed to the Galleria and picked up two great outfits and a pair of shoes (oh yeah and throw a pedicure as well). I took it as a time to relax since I would have to now attend two events on Saturday (look at me all booked n stuff). I’m a busy bee so attending two events works just fine with me.

I had quite the eventful morning. There was my dentist appointment for my family and I, lunch with my mom and son, and even enough time for a cat nap (which I didn’t take),  then it was time to head over to help Spark +  Beam for event one: “The Minority Trailblazer Podcast Live”. Read my recap here. That event was centrally located near the Heights so leaving at seven would land me right at At&t’s door at 7:30 right? Wrong! I mingled a bit changed clothes and it was 7:20! I typed in the address in the Waze app while saying my goodbyes headed towards 59 south. All was well until Mister T (I have it so Mister T is the voice of my GPS) said continue down this road for 30 miles. I was like skirt, not today satan.. I ain’t got time. Pulled over changed GPS apps (Bye Mister…can’t go wrong with Google Maps) hopped back on the freeway to go 59 north and I was at the doors by 8:00 PM.

The Event

When I pulled up my Adrenaline that I had to rush there soon faded into the first day of school jitters. I did not think I would know anybody when I walked in. I remembered Michelle (check out her podcast here: http://www.michellengome.com/) from the first event as well as a member of HAAB (yay not awkward anymore, so glad that I bumped into her), then another member, next thing I knew it was six of us in that thang. I was now free to get ratchet, well not too ratchet I was still there to work. The DJ kept testing me by playing my favorite Genre of music TRAP. Then he really got out of line when he played Back Dat A$$ up. YALL KNOW THAT’S LIKE RATCHET KRYPTONITE! FOR WHEN THE SPIRIT OF RATCHET CALLS YOU MUST ANSWER…AND WITH AN ANOINTING OF PRAISE IN MY TWERK…I DID JUST THAT… I tried to contain myself y’all, felt in my shondo…Once I got too hot from slightly dropping like it was hot I pulled out my portable fan and a lady asked to get a picture of me. She sent it to me take a look at it

Do it look like I got left out of bad and bougie. The emcee kept the crowd entertained with calling people from the crowd who tweeted the most to win a nice pair of Bluetooth speakers, headphones, or a Fitbit. Nice incentive when we paid nothing to get in and all we had to do is talk about how much fun we were having. It was legit!I didn’t win but other HAAB members cleaned up ! Then the music started playing “They say this is a big, rich town I just come from the poorest part Bright lights, city life, I gotta make it This is where it goes down I just happen to come up hard Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it” Then comes out Rotimi (Dre), J.R. Ramirez (Julio) and Joseph Sikora (Tommy Eagan). I have so much footage for that week’s vlog it’s insane about twenty minute’s worth. They answered questioned about their favorite food, music, family, things about their characters and the biggest question boxer or briefs. Make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube channel: They all answered honest and humbled you could not help but relate to them which made them even more likable. They are clearly nothing like who they portray on TV. They even walk and talk differently. They have so much personality if you can’t tell by the photos we took. I stood in that very unorganized lined for about twenty minutes. That was the worst part because there was no one to stop the skipping, but aside from all that the free concert from Rotimi made it worth the wait, along with my pictures, signed poster, Power hat and keepsake pass I was happy. Then on the way out, I spot 97.9 The Box very on Dj Jque aka the Pimperalli ( and that he is) He was so nice when I asked him for a picture and even kissed me on the hand. I didn’t even care that my $600 vlog camera just got damaged (tell you bout it later). What a gentleman… LOL. What an amazing time. It was so full of energy. So grateful for my HAAB tribe!

Post Event

Issa Wrap! I was tied yes…Tied I couldn’t make it in those new suede shoes all night. I pulled into Canes Chicken picked up my son and skipped the family block party but overall it was a lit day!

It was lit!


Check out more photo’s here: Power Event Photos





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