Minority Trailblazers Podcast Live Recap

Minority Trailblazers Podcast Live

Before I even start big shout out to Spark + Beam for trailblazing this event and just allowing me the opportunity to help. Secondly, Greg is such a Genuine and Smart Person. I’m honored I got experience his podcast and all of the value he offers first hand. It was definitely an eye-opener. I walked out of the room with a new perspective on my goals and ready to tackle what the world may throw at me. In my mind when I arrived at the location it was time for me to work. I felt the energy rise as all the guest arrived. I listened to all the speakers talk about how they found themselves, how they keep focus, and how they plan to move forward. Y’all this world is so big and there is room for me, you, and your growth. This week I noticed the word growth everywhere. I walked out of the event looking forward to my growth. I don’t think I would have gotten the messages if besfran didn’t’ tell me to participate. In some situations, I can be a little shy or standoffish. So after eavesdropping on the first circle time, I hopped into two of my own. I then realized I was surrounded by many great people from book writers, life coaches, financial advisors, marketers, and even mobile app creators. The best part about it is we were all are melanted. I tried to tell myself I wasn’t worth, but I am working on that because: I AM …. WORTHY .

Check out Greg E. Hill’s Podcast and Website here: Greg’s Site/ Podcast


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