Celebration List Episode Six

This week I’m just so happy that I made it through the week. For me this week was mentally draining because it has been one year since I lost one of my family members I was the closet too… My grandmother. I think that’s why I took it easy this week mentally and we all need to do that. Over the weekend my husband took my car to get detailed and it needed it so bad I’m so grateful he did. Why does it seem like every time we get our car washed it rains! That’s exactly what happened dang near every day and I’m grateful because instead of my car feeling sauna my car has been a low 86 degrees when I get it after it has been sitting in the direct sun all day. Usually my car is 114 degrees! If you don’t believe me just follow me on Snapchat. You can catch some of my personality on there something else I’m grateful for. Because people be out here trying you but I just laugh and keep it moving. It’s too hot to do anything, but smell good which I can start wearing perfume again without having my allergies flare up can I get a amen !
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