I miss you 

Dear Granny,

This week has been hard because I have been able to look back on pictures and remember the outfit that I had on the last day I spoke with you I remember what I was doing the last day I spoke with you and where I was going. I realized that you were my only family member that I was the closest to and I had never really dealt with it. 
Your death was the first I have ever experienced in my life and it has changed drastically in a good way. After your passing it forced me to grow up. It forced me to see things in a different way. I now realize what love and friendship is and what I like and don’t like from my life and what I would like to change about it even though I lost you I was born and I say that to say…. 

I miss you very much and it’s hard for me to express that as a black woman that I miss someone who played a major role in my life. We used to talk every day about everything from my toenails to what we watched on Tv. In the years leading up to your passing we weren’t as close but I can say I did everything that you asked me to do and wanted me to do and I know that I’m not letting you down so I miss you grandma. 

I love you



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