Work Place Etiquette

Listen, I may not be excited about being at work, but in the hallways I’m either speaking to you or giving you a friendly smile even if most days I’m not in a chipper mood. Let me tell ‘yo ass something wench or wenchette ! Once I remember you don’t speak or give me a friendly hello back I turn into K-camp It ain’t nothing to cut that bitch off, but In my head it’s more to the tune of an Adele ballot. I don’t deserve that from you because the gag is I didn’t want to speak in the first place. 
While I’m on the subject of speaking. My first year of working at my company someone was retiring from the IT department. One by one we got the chance do go down and say our goodbyes in exchange for cake and punch. Jobs love giving out cakes and punch don’t they? Anywho, I was coming back to my seat when a lady asked me if the gathering was still going on. I stated why yes they are and it was plenty of cake and punch left. She said to me oh I am not worried about cake and punch I just want to make sure I say good bye. * insert several eye rolls followed by bitch !!!!!!* But in some cases I practice really good patience. I just looked at her and didn’t say anything, now fast forward to present day 2017. I have been seeing her a lot lately (if you follow me on snapchat you remember this story). I said on my snap chat how I don’t forget. If you are rude to me or don’t speak to me in passing the next time I see you I will look you dead in your face and won’t bat a lash. People make you act ugly don’t they… 

With that being said white people stop asking black people if this is their real hair. I would like to step forward as a spokesperson to tell yall we are tired of lying and would like to get into heaven and God may stop us at the gate for lying about our kinky yaky Indian hair okay ! You know damn well we can’t go from a sleek bob with blond tips to a red curly afro and still have edges in a week. Maybe I’m reaching do y’all even know what edges are. 

Y’all pray for me,
#freetomei #causeherjobdontplay



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