U Betta Slay… Tomei

This year is going by SO fast! We are 121 days into 2017, that means we have 244 days left in the year! April went by even faster. It started with my son’s third Bday, social events, my husband’s Bday, Easter and now as I’m writing this May is almost over (jesus be a time machine)! Time still hasn’t slowed down, but I’m here for it. It seems like every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in April was a turn up. I attended live shows, soirees, and the occasional strip club (cue money gun). I mean it was the whole shebang. I wish I had my vlog camera that month because it was an adventure. I tried to capture as much as I could on snapchat, but you know that disappears after 24hrs, so if you want to see what I’m working on cash me over there (insert pic).
I connected with a few people throughout the month, but my favorite event was the Ubetterslay soiree. Before attending the event I did not know what to expect. The founder, Alegria Pizzaro commented on my Instagram photos reminding me about her event, which made me feel special and valued as an attendee, kudos on the great customer service! So Here’s my feedback on the event….

We (Besfran and I) arrived to the event at a fashionably late time (per usual) and were greeted by a nice lady who had us sign our names in gold on a gold name tag. I was like yasssss! That spoke to my inner glam (Cue Austin Powers Gold Member by Beyonce). Anyways y’ all, back to the event…

The first vendor we encountered was (name of vendor) a lady informing us about the dangers of sanitary napkins and tampons. Her booth provided a healthy alternative and spoke to my womanhood. I loved it. 

I should mention this was a networking event that hosted various vendors with varying products and services. 

Next we were greeted by the Hostess herself, she brought us to the white VIP room for champagne and tiny bites (pinky’s up), classy Tomei in full effect. After we filled up on champagne and hors d’oeuvres we loosened up more and headed to the bar. Everyone in attendance were dressed very nice and were polite. The overall atmosphere was very inviting and down to earth, unlike a lot of networking events where the vibe is a little pretentious and uncomfortable. The guest made me feel comfortable by asking following up questions about what I did, and seemed genuinely interested in my brand and what I’m trying to build with “A Day In The Life With Tomei”. 

By this time it was about an hour into the event, and now it was time for the hostess to speak. She introduced a few entrepreneurs and spoke about their different accolades and services (Houston has some amazing talent!). It wasn’t long before I was in the presence of some great singer/songwriters (insert sound cloud), Dj’s, photographers, Authors, Models, Jewelry Line, Skincare, and Makeup Owners. They were a lot of entrepreneurs in the building and a few of them got my coin. Let’s start with the Martini Mashed Potato Bar, (photo). Yes you heard right and that was right up my ally talking to the fat girl in me. I needed a reason to let my feet rest as I enjoyed my Chicken Alfredo Martini with my feet kicked up.

Yes You heard right, that spoke to the inner fat girl in me. I was like ooh this Is so good I need dessert. No worries there was a vendor in selling brownies! Lord take me now. I was in there swiping my card like TAKE DAT TAKE DAT (diddy voice)!!

The Emcee Came back on and they were doing free HIV and Splylhis testing outside, curtosey of the Aids Foundation of Houston. I was glad to get my results and even happier to know I was clean. KNOW YOUR STATUS!
I got to hear an amazing artist named Jono perform a few covers and some of his original music. Like I said previously, houston has some great talent that I was able to witness first hand. You can find Jono’s music here: https://soundcloud.com/jonathan-oty-harris.
I also picked up a few accessories from Gilt-Tripn. Check out her web site: https://www.gilttripn.com/ she has good solid pieces. Jewelry has always been my thing. 

After I browsed a few more booths, the night was beginning to wine down. BUT, Plot twist…The hostess was like take two more drinks on me then another and then another. I was like yo where is DJ Khaled because I can’t take no more. Literally my hands were full. The event was very classy and I was so grateful to be in attendance with very talented people and entrepre-negros. I almost thought to myself how can I show these distinguished people I’m about that life too… Well.. I found out later I won the twerk off and didn’t even know it. The lady I spoke with first was like no one was expecting from a young lady dressed like you and to be moving like that basically giving me props.. I said I’m going to walk out here just like I came in.
Having a great time and full of life !



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