Do you look different outside your work clothes?

I work in an environment where your hairs has to be a natural color. Your blouse has to have sleeves and can’t show cleavage. You can’t wear ankle/ Capri pants. All tattoos must be covered, you can’t have on shoes that don’t have no strap on the back, and last (not really my hands are tired) we cannot wear denim at all. Just once a year on go Texan day. I still see so many people out of dress code, but my manager likes rules and loves to enforce them even more. If they worked for my manager it wouldn’t fly I see some ladies with six inch heels and 32 inch weaves with body con dresses. I’m glad to see you over doing sis. We all have our days where we went to long to wash so we gotta grab that outfit that was wayyyyy at the back of the closet. What about not going to see your stylist in a while. I’m guilty of all those things right now, but within the past week I have witnessed my sisters come to work with their hair white from so much product in head for a wash in go ! I have witnessed someone come to work with dry plats just sticking up everywhere which was a twist out. Girl how about they nice old lady I saw with grey corn rows that were loose and slightly matted I know she wear wigs on Sundays. I get the whole all or nothing vibe I believe in that too but usually it’s to wear a bra to the grocery store or not. Sis we work with you we gone see you again. Her coworkers don’t love her. Especially after witnessed a lady wear a t-shirt dress to work that was faded and had them fuzz balls on it. Sis that’s a night gown… I can’t possibly make this shit up. The gag is she was the one with the twist in her head! Yes a double whammy.
Let me pose this last question… Did y’all look in a mirror today?

I’m passing out fashion police tickets,



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