Celebration List

Hi Lifers,

As usual thank you so much for checking out my blog. You are probably here because I told you stop by to read more about why I write down a list of items I’m grateful for every week to celebrate. Hence the name celebration list. I got the idea from the founder of The Champagne Diet. Also the writer of the book Girl Boss. I decided that was an awesome idea and I have been doing this consistently for the past few months. Some days I may not write anything down and some days may be a list by itself. The items are not listed by what I’m most grateful for because I make many entries throughout the week. I may be grateful that my period stopped that week to me being grateful that I still have a job, or that deposit hit.
The reason why I started writing the list was to remind me that although I am having some really low weeks I still have to show gratitude. Again those can be large or small. I work a full time job that I hate. I’m a mom, wife, daughter, sister, confidant, church member, amateur actor, podcaster, blogger, twerker, and dreamer.I don’t think my daily life is stressful because I enjoy being a busy body, but sometimes it’s nice to reflect on my weekly gratitude’s. So I have to find time for myself. If I don’t work we don’t eat and if I’m not a good wife well you know how that can go. It takes patient, compromising, substance abuse to prevent the stress from marriage, being a parent, maternal family issues to stop me from self-destructing. I would be lying to you if I said these list are easy to write. They are nice to reflect on when you need a positive boost.
Although work is a stressor there is often down time and I use that time in my cubicle alone and allow my mind to drift and I remember those small things that bring me gratitude. I’m immediately reminded that I’m here for a purpose bigger than myself. Even if I get in my own way sometimes. I sometimes resort to a worst case scenario and when I wake up from that dream I remember it is not my reality and it is not that bad which is all the more reason to celebrate.

Celebrate with me every Friday,



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