When scrolling isn’t enough

I wrote a post a while back about how to keep scrolling past thing you don’t like on Social Media. If scrolling isn’t enough I suggested deleting the person when they are too much to bare online. I didn’t think about the scenario of your whole timeline is annoying, trolling, and doing the most. The non-triggering thing to do is to just log out of the account until everything passes over. What if your business is run off of social media, or better yet you’re too nosy to stay off for days. Well, that’s my struggle, but both are still my choice. My next option was to create a post to let others know I won’t be triggered. #nottoday I also wanted to remind my people to don’t get distracted by today’s shenanigans that can take your eye off your goals. It’s easy to be triggered and not even know it.
It’s so mind-boggling to me how things work. Once you become aware of something you notice it ten times more. The past couple weeks I had the feeling that Social Media was a huge distraction serving no real purpose. Just a bunch of words on the net, no meaning, no substance just typos and hoes.  I was letting it affect my mood. I had to declare that I was dedicating the leading weeks to my brand. I was like Oh you online heaux go follow my fan page you know self-promoting. Then my besfran dad tells us about this documentary he saw about being addicted to our cell phones, and they ongoing survey results that will take years to find the results. He has a phenomenal way of “waking me up” I was so triggered by the end, but it was confirming things I already felt about the news and our society reality versus what is really happening and I think people lose site of that. Of course I was asked am I addicted to my phone, but I said I run my business from my phone so it’s more of a tool. At least that’s what I tell myself. I told him about the time tracking app I have on my phone but I got a little too excited when I couldn’t find the app. Meanwhile my three-year old is getting flustered that the volume is too low on his iPad to watch his favorite YouTube videos. I couldn’t think about the damage I was possibly doing to him and what I could be doing to stimulate his brain that doesn’t require WiFi.
I don’t want him to feel like everything he reads online is a reality. Especially after the man going live on Facebook killing an old man. I saw the man face on my Instagram feed and that’s all I saw on my wall for two days. We even spoke about it briefly at  Easter dinner. It was also a reminder that we damage ourselves. The creators give us an inch and somehow we take a mile. Dragging the good with the bad.

I don’t what big brother had in mind with first creating Radio then TV, The Internet and now being able to take it with you everywhere including your most intimate moments, but I can say sometimes that notifications increase dopamine and I get caught in a dopamine loop. All I can say is just be mindful of what you share online, but be equally mindful as what you’re reading it could possibly have long-term effects on you. In return you will feel inclined to share your thoughts are something horrible and the loop continues of you triggering me and me triggering them, but THEY are trying to keep us triggered.
Stay Woke,


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