Weekend Warrior

I could get used to this lifestyles. This weekend was one to remember. Friday night me and the bestie went to Axelrad’s to see our old classmate Jack Freeman perform. We were dragging our behinds and missed his show. We still got to chat with him and in the process, we met some dope people. Producers, Writers, Singers, Mixologist, and then it was me (LOL). Still trying to figure out where I fit in, but hey I can get used to this. We met this cool Blogger who travels who has written for Billboard, Vibe, Houston Chronicle, and more. What an inspiration. He told my besfran how she can get published. Of course, I took it all in when she wins I wins and vice versa. That was a fun night we ate Pizza and sipped on Henny that I brought in my pastel pink backpack purse. When I got home I laid on the couch when my hubby came home was like what you doing I thought we were going out (our anniversary was Wednesday, April 5) I said well shoot let me change into something more comfortable. It was a switch into another pair of Nike Air Max kind of night. Oh Patrick Beverly was in there throwing stacks (more post about that later).
At this point we made it to our destination a little after one. Met up with my God Sister and we chilled at the after hours until dawn I literally slept for two hours when I had to get up and start getting ready for the Houston African American Blogger event. I wasn’t on time but as always I stay late and go hard. It was good to put live experience with a Facebook profile picture. Then it was time to attend the Ntheclouds Pop Up Shop at Brooklyn Athletic Club. A cute little spot where they had crawfish, a white crowd, but a ratchet DJ. I had fun and we ran into the same people we chatted with on Friday night. We chopped it up again and shared more laughs you know creating impressions.
Sunday I was invited to an influencer’s introduction to 86 & 90 clothing line. Yo it was dope met some cool people. I wasn’t really myself because I was tired, but bestie got two contacts and I got one. I have to say this weekend was a good weekend.




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