Too legit or Am I

I listen to a lot of Podcast for self-improvement. Mainly to hear others path to success and most importantly how they stay there. One thing that stood out to me was we trick ourselves into thinking we are really doing something. I completely understand fake it till you make, but if you’re too fake you may be exposed. Of course do something you are knowledgeable about but it will probably take a good 3 years to be a {considered} pro at what you’re doing. One year to kind get the feel of what you’re doing. The second year is really to get comfortable at what is you are doing. Thirdly is your year to really shine loosely stated from the podcast I listen to.
I can’t help but wonder who am I trying to be. I am aware this comes from a place of insecurity. Mainly because I feel like I’m creating my own lane. I built my own website, purchased my own camera, laptop, software, lightening, microphone, and other equipment. I thought those things would make me legit, but it hasn’t. I recently reached 1000 followers on Instagram I thought that would make me more legit, but it hasn’t. People tell me all the time I’m funny, I’m pretty, or that I need my own show. I second that, but for some reason, I shy away from it. Recently I attended live shows, networked with some great people, got invited to “member only “events. While I was excited I still felt void. I’m not sure what will make me feel the girl you made it moment, but I certainly am not giving up. I still try to post four blogs a month and four videos a month and to stay active on social media.

Good thing about creating contacts is that you can ask them for their opinion and what they went through. I reached to one of the cool bloggers I met and posed the question: “How did you become more confident in your writing.” Response: “I’d say when a complete stranger told me I was dope.” I asked; “Was that confirmation?” He said, “That I should keep going definitely. Your friends are going to root for you unapologetically. It’s the people you have to prove shit to that you’re always fighting. Well, outside of yourself.”
I think I’m going in circles with myself and I think I just realized to keep going until that moments happens for me.

Be Humble… Sit down,



  1. Food for thought! Who am I? Hmmm, I feel it doesn’t matter if it takes a long time to discover ourselves…I mean it’s worth it…also doing something and asking what others feel about it also helps one know the way forward. When that first question is answered (Who am I), then success will be easy
    Thanks Tomei xx

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