I can’t help but wonder what my outcome would have been if I never would have gone through the emotions of excitement, nervousness, or worried. Monday my phone blasted around the early afternoon and hurried to put it back on silent and ignored the call that was made to my google number. Two hours later I realized I never acknowledge the call. I went into the app and heard Hi, My name is Marc one of the producers from CBS’s “The Talk”. I got up so fast and ran to the kitchen area because we cannot talk on our cell phones at our desk. I literally had an anxiety attack in my cubicle. I called my besfran twice to get her advice. Per the usual, she gave me good tips and I called the producer back. He didn’t answer. I was like dang I probably missed my opportunity. To my surprise, he called me back in about twenty minutes later. I ran away from my desk again.
Next thing I know I’m requesting four hours work for Tuesday to record with producers from The Talk ! It went well and I also got good feedback from my Instagram friends laughing at the videos. The producer gave me really good feedback as well. After what seemed like forever I was signing the release form and telling my mom I’m going to be on THE TALK ! Moments later the producer hit me back and was like we ran out of time we won’t feature you on the show.
I honestly didn’t feel any disappointment, but I do wonder if my emotions blocked my blessing. I do know that everything happens for a reason. The whole thing seemed surreal and I’m so grateful just to learn that I can do it if I wanted to. I know that I will still be seen by million one day if it wasn’t yesterday. The producer like me so much he booked to work with me next week. I said all that to say what’s for you will be. Just stay calm and keep quiet. I know that’s what I’m going to do next time saying it out loud to people could have blocked me as well.
Shine on ‘em


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