For Everybody

Friday night I was chilling with my people at a popular after hours spot. We were chilling enjoying the music when all of a sudden the Dj started yelling Patrick Beverly from the Houston Rockets was in the building. I swore they sent a silent buzzer in the back because girls started flocking to his section. I mean they were all around. Next to me, behind me, across from me. I mean it was obvious why they wanted a piece of the fortune. I witnessed him throw over 3 grand that night (it was prob more). What a way to celebrate after losing a basketball game earlier that day.

Back to the girls. I was so amazed at how quickly they gravitated to his area. Mind you he came in the spot with a bunch of beautiful girls with him, and it was pretty late so I wonder if they were “chose” from the previous club. His section was full of women and men. Then men were getting chose too because they were with him. The women were choosing anyone on the team just to be in the section. It was quite the social experiment to watch while being under the influence. I had plenty of time to sober up and I’m still thinking about it days later. I noticed the girls who didn’t care what they said to gain entry to the section. I saw the girls standing on the outside wanting to get into the section so bad. I also noticed girls who were there to work go change come back with their bag and sit there until it was time to leave with the team.
Again I was taken back. I couldn’t imagine how much confidence those chicks had to have to:
A. show off their banging ass bodies
B. come over to a celebrity and his friends in the hopes of getting “chose”
C. go home with a stranger
I realized this was not me and I just wondered what they would get out of it. Like you’re just a nut to them. You probably get kicked out before seeing the sun, breakfast, or securing the bag. I just couldn’t do it. I know I’m projecting but it made realize they are some true go-getters. I need to work on that. Can’t get told no if you don’t try right? Well depending on the scenario.

Side note some of the girls that were in the original crew were on the curb waiting for a ride… How embarrassing sis next time secure the ride before the bag.
Witness of the Patrick Beverly Experience,
Tomei – AKA “The Non-Crowd Pleaser”


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