Finding my purpose

Today after not being featured on CBS’s the Talk I can’t help but wonder what my purpose is. I know it’s going to take me seeing the talent in myself to be able to outwardly own my talents everyone else see’s in me. I’m learning to accept that I’m funny, good story teller, good hype man, relatable, loveable, and I just learned I’m a looker. Oh, I’m also good at makeup too. Check out some of my tutorials here: .
But again what is my purpose. What can I do with that? I’m still figuring that out as we speak. I don’t have a problem getting to know people. Learning something about them really quick and then cracking a joke about it. I don’t have a problem being the center of attention as long as I’m not being mocked and I think that is a lowkey a fear I have. I used to think I was fake because of my ability to get along with people I have no real desire to talk to outside this situation, but I do it all day at work. Code switching is real.
Something is holding me back, not sure what is yet. I do know I’m working towards my purpose and I may even start facing my fears dead on by attending acting workshops. One thing each person encounters me is that they say I’m funny and to give it a try. They say how will you know if you never gave it a chance. Guess I gotta listen to the crowd,
*Kanye Shrugs*



  1. Girl, it is so rough knowing what your purpose in life is. Right now I feel like I’m just winging it but I know we both have a bright tomorrow waiting for us! We both just need to get out there and go get it.

    Great post. It made me think about things.

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