Not so Anniversary, but a time to reflect on where I’m going.

March 9th marked a huge milestone for me. You know why? Because I could have been fired for several different reasons. Working a full-time is my main source of income. I’ve only been blogging since October 2015.  Let me tell you why I’m grateful. I’m able to make a good amount of money to work on my business for 6 plus hours a day. I literally get to sit here and set goals, brand myself, and write blog post (just like this one).  I know there is something greater in store for me and I’m okay with being bored.

I didn’t realize I had a job anniversary on yesterday until about 4:00 PM. My supervisor nor manager recognized me at all. Hell, I barely realized until I looked at my TimeHop app. It’s cool. My heart isn’t at this place and I went through my darkest times hear and was still able to do what was asked to me so again I’m grateful.

I’m here just to confirm to you we may be doing something we may not understand it right but when the time is right all the pieces to the puzzle will fit perfectly. Don’t give up on your current situation and don’t let it define you. You are not your situation it’s just an event to help you grow , remember that on the days you feel like it doesn’t make sense and all the signs say quit. Only do so if you have a solid exit plan.


Feeling Blah


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