New Watch Who Dis

I got a new Apple Watch !

I purchased the latest watch by Appl ; the Apple Watch Series 2. Branded as, “The most advanced Apple Watch yet. The watch is loaded with features like built-in GPS, water resistance up to 50 meters, a dual-core processor, a 2x brighter display and watch OS 3.

The original I had was a 42mm Gold Series 1, because I was obsessed with gold. My favorite colors are Pink, off white and gold, but then came rose gold and I became obsessed even more. I upgraded to the Seven Plus in rose gold and was mad that my watch didn’t match, but what was crazy is when I ordered my first watch I sent it back to the seller, because I ordered rose gold my mistake. I wanted the sand band and did not pay attention to the watch color. Today it seems like I cost myself more money. Color was the first reason why I upgraded this time.

Secondly, its water proof just like my phone. Thirdly, it can track miles without being connected to my phone because of its built-in GPS. Which probably contributes to its slightly thicker body, but it’s not really noticeable when on your wrist. See below


I know I probably didn’t need to upgrade, but that really wouldn’t make me a good tech person to review items for would I?????


Full comparison here:


Did I really need it tho


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