Throwback Thursday

I published my first YouTube video on 11-23-2012 and I titled it “First Project”. I was supposed to document my life until my wedding. I will be celebrating four years of marriage this year, but that video is private. It’s private because I didn’t know who I was becoming yet and can’t really sit through the rambling in front of a Hellokitty blanket and low quality film from an iMac that I still have today. My second video called “Adayinthelife” was made shortly after. You can probably pick up on my whacky personality, but still I didn’t know who I was becoming yet and didn’t have any direction or focus of my channel. I may have stated that, but I definitely posted random videos about my day (Similar to what I do on my Snapchat daily… Who Knew🤔) All I knew was I wanted to be in front of the camera and still do. I have been saying for a looooong time because I think I’m cute, I’m loud and I got it going on (comment if you get it). Anywho I became obsessed with makeup that same year which lead up to me posting my first horrible makeup video on YouTube. I took the time revamp (currently still under construction) by investing in myself and now I’m able to post nine videos in a week.

I said all that to say don’t wait until things are perfect. We are scattering seeds that we don’t even realize will grow. Things won’t be perfect, but it if you take baby steps towards you will can only get better. Only you can get in your own way. Look at yourself in the mirror and say move over cuz I’m coming for what’s mine #howboutdah !


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