What will you do for a dollar?

I almost let money deter me from my truth. I AM NOT A MAKE UP ARTIST. I personally think there is a difference with being paid to do something you love and getting paid to do a job. FOR ME doing make up is a job. While you may be good at both, with doing something you love there is a passion that naturally comes along with it so it doesn’t feel like work. Not to mention the confidence that speaks beyond your work.

Like I said before, I am not a make-up artist.  My passion lies in teaching women about make-up and beauty and empowering them to own it and embark on a journey of self-discovery much like I have when I started on YouTube initially. Although I’m highly (and I do mean that sincerely when I say highly) grateful that people consider me for doing their make-up, from now on I am going to have to politely (or pettily given the circumstance) decline the offer. Am I missing out on money? Maybe. Am I walking in my truth? Damn right!


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