Over compensate?

I have been noticing on my timeline a lot of over compensation. What I mean by that is to outdo or over shadow what you previously posted to maintain your online persona. Well sis, I’m here to tell you if you kept your post about personal matters to a minimum you wouldn’t need to work so hard to cover it up.

Scenario: You are dating this guy and you guys are hitting it off you’re happy posting his pic online and subliminal post about him and relationships. Fast forward a few weeks later and your ass is lonely and bitter posting subliminal post about breakups and how men aren’t shit. You mad sis? Fast forward a few more weeks again you got a new boo this time you consider him a man. You are going even harder with the post about how you got you a real man how grown he is and how much he does this and that… but we over here like wasn’t she just with… but didn’t she just say men ain’t… oh man I can’t keep up all I see is blah blah blah.

From the scenario above, you should be able to recognize a) you probably shouldn’t be posting everything online, b) if you were to do suggestion (a) you probably wouldn’t have to go so hard to clear up your online persona. Even if you are posting and deleting chances are you are maturing and realizing it’s not necessary and probably only really made you feel better for the moment. This is one of the reasons why I journal. It’s very therapeutic (and saves a lot of people and myself quite frankly from embarrassment). In the long run you can look back on what you wrote and see how much you have grown from that situation. If you ever get the itch to vent and don’t have your journal, please don’t go to Facebook or twitter, just open up the notes app on your phone and release…Namaste all up and through that shit.  I’m sure you will still feel better and save yourself from the lurkers who will always have something to say on the other end of screen. You welcome sis.


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