Exit quietly and to the left

It’s time to start realizing a few things: What your problems are, who your problems are with and what you can do to fix it.

We are a month into 2017 and we all have different reasons as to why we do certain things. Most of the time they don’t need an announcement, invitation or anyone’s approval. If you want to delete your Facebook then delete it. After a while we will notice we haven’t seen your post in a while and even wonder if you are okay, but that still doesn’t mean you need a goodbye party… because we know you will return.

I started the post off with three questions. What is the real reason behind making the announcement? You are leaving when most of the post don’t get much engagement maybe about 3 likes on average. I think we take part in the false conception of likes and friendships. Yeah I may know your kids birthday is coming, or what you had for lunch or even that you finally got that promotion. Good for you! I’m rooting for you ( sidebar I don’t want to see anyone miserable on my social media and if I do I just keep scrolling if I don’t like what I see… simple as that) Social media has created a new genre of reality with “likes” I will be the first to admit I boss up my lifestyle a bit. It’s easy to do that on social media. Don’t get me wrong there is a big difference between stunting and hyping things up a bit. I truly am trying to live my best life and not yours. So most of the time if I am asking for opinions it will be obvious, but please stop announcing that you are leaving. We simply don’t care, but if you do want us to care make a poll to ask us if you should leave him for his daddy. We will gladly be there for that post.

In conclusion while I try to wrap up and bring items full circle be mindful of the way you are on social media. Sometimes I forget people don’t think like me if it’s a post I don’t like I just keep scrolling. If I like it, love it, or even think it’s funny I react accordingly. See something you don’t like? Maybe you should just keep scrolling, go ahead and try it its free.


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