toMEi Vs. Makeup

toMEi- 0 Makeup-1

Hey y’all ! Thanks for checking out my blog post. There are way more products that go into beating a face, but the featured image just shows the products in what I like to think resulted in the bottom half of my face coming off and looking like you can fry chicken on my face. I was in a hurry because I was running late (yes per the usual). I wanted to be at church by 7:15 AM, because I was first on the program. I got there at 7:30 and I slayed also per the usual.

The Slay : img_1378
Before I get carried away let me back up and point out the reasons why I stress prepping the face based on the type of day you will have, Will you be sweating/crying? Will you be in the sun? How long will you have it on? Those questions can lead to a whole new set of questions so I will just go on to say there have been times where I have put on make at 5:45 AM and not taken it off until 10PM at night without it looking how it look last night. Sunday was one of those long days that including running errands, sweating and crying. Did I do something wrong? (Side note I don’t carry items in my purse for touchups i.e. no makeup, no blotting powder, or brushes. Just a lippie and eyelash glue)
Sunday I started my makeup around 6:45 AM and I was done by 7:05 AM. The makeup I had done the Saturday before made me realize my under was very dry and by Sunday evening I look like I had wrinkles under my eye which lead me to Ulta to buy a 55 dollar eye cream.

Anywho back to yesterday. While filming Saturday I ran out of my Laura Mercier Translucent setting powder, so I bake my face with Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Powder. For my foundation I used the Laura Mercier Candlelight soft luminous foundation and set that with matching powder. Before applying my makeup I like to make sure my face is clean, moisturized and primed. I placed the Dr. Brandt No More Pores in my large pore area under my eyes and under my nose and in the other area I used the Smashbox photo finish minimizing primer all over my face. While typing this I realized where I went wrong. I never used anything to combat the oils I have on my face. I also never do my makeup like that and I set my self-up for failure.


end of the day :img_1444


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