People change. We adapt.

I’ve only met one person that never changed up on me. Never gave me biased advice or ever judge me. That is hard to do in any friendship and I thank God for that balance and voice of reason I get from them.

It’s a new month. A new day. A new week. So what’s wrong with a new attitude. As people we change more than we realize and adapt to circumstances around us probably without second thought.

Don’t become complacent. Don’t accept it. Life will be better and there is better out there for you.

I been distracted from life for a long time. I’m behind on goals. Missed opportunities and wasted tons of money. I need clarity.

On this new day I decree and declare that anything I don’t like or comes my way I’m addressing it. I’m not a mean person despite how people treat me I should have turned into Ursula by now. But I can’t. Growing into the person I’m destined to be is going to require some uncomfortableness on my part and no apologies. Holding things in and and trying to forget them doesn’t work well for me and might require an appointment at the massage envy (hopefully they not booked lmao) . People don’t know they hurt you. Let them know. Communication is the most important thing in all relationships… Use it!



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