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From time to time I hear things that bother me just a tad bit. This morning I was listening to my local radio station 97.9 The Box. They reported that Khloe Kardashian threw shade at Ciara on her talk show Cocktails with Khloe. ( People actually watching that show) On the show she stated that she did not understand why the were celibate and that she did not agree with what they were doing.

See the video here : Khloe opened her mouth

HOLD UP ! Aren’t you the same person who had not one but two relationships while still being married ? I just don’t understand how you can sit there and judge them for doing something positive with their public figure status for showing our kids something more than just sex. I would drag you but I’m not here for that this afternoon.

Back to Ciara. Now she does not have a squeaky clean background. She dated Bow wow, 50 cent, & most recently Future (whom she had a baby with and my favorite rapper). So I understand why she would want to make it public that they are doing because we both know what consenting adults do. I am proud of them for it and the media has done nothing but bash them both.


Video has surfaced that Russell Williams and Ciara are engaged, but before any of that Khloe took to her social media to issue someone what of an apology. I’m eager to see how Ciara responds, but I guess you can say she responded by showing off her BIG ASS RING !  Go Cici ! See what happens when you keep your goodies !!

Chech out Russell and Ciara’s social media here.

Ciara Instagram web version

Russell’s Twitter


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