Straight from the horses mouth

Last week Sagethegemini took to his Instagram to profess his love for Jordin Sparks. πŸ˜‘

My first question was … Who is that πŸ€”

Let’s fast forward to today. I learned from Facebook via B. Scott that Sagethegemini had been exposed yet again by ex FiancΓ©. Like who doe. πŸ˜” Like who really checking for them. I lurked on her Instagram and saw nothing but thot pics. I also took these screenshots from her Instagram as she tries to explain why she did it.

imageΒ image

I did listen the the entire 21 plus minute phone call and from what I gathered she had been in jail and on house arrest and he forgives her for the first time he exposed her, but I don’t know if it’s genuine on both parts. They both need to grow up if you ask me.

More juice is he said that his and Jordin’s management put them together ( sounds familiar ? Yeah cuz we know her and Jason weren’t a real couple … Sources claim he is gay) But sage got 70,000 grand out the deal.

I just don’t get is that what folks are doing with their celebrity now or to gain celebrity? I want to see more positive stuff but it sure does give us something to talk about ill be surprised if I see this on Wendy’s hot topics .


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